Topic Culture
Aim Doner is Turkish. Spaghetti is Italian, Uzo is Greek. Our understanding of cultures often goes through the stomach or at least is starting there. Usually we are not very aware of anything that goes beyond that. Even more so are we not aware of how much “foreign” culture is part of our own.
While finding expressions and parts of culture, the following example should help to sharpen ones view for “the different”.
Participants ca. 8 – 14
Materials Some more materials than participants. Materials which are specific for certain countries. A large cloth, paper and pens according to the number of participants.
Preparation All participants should bring something that is typical for their country. They should be able to explain the use or the cultural relevance of what they brought; e.g. tea, a book written by a famous author, a newspaper, a musical instrument, a scarf or a piece of jewelry…. _The group places itself around the spread out items which are, at that time, covered by a piece of cloth. Then the secret is revealed for two minutes and everyone tries to remember as much as possible. Afterwards everyone writes down which items they can remember, plus any suggestions concerning the meaning and the according land. All together than look at the items and the owner of them explain the things in detail. _(It´s not important to remember as much as possible, like in a tournament but to learn about foreign cultures in an entertaining way.)

Help for the discussion:

• In how far are certain cultural items still specific for a culture or country? In which way have they been incorporated into another culture?

• What happens to cultural goods that have been transferred to another culture? In which way have they changed? What for example do we associate with “drinking tea”, what do the British, the Japanese associate with it?

• What makes a culture a culture? How static or flexible is a culture?

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