CVO Sociale School Heverlee

Higher education, also for you?

  • Didn’t you have the opportunity to study, or was it impossible to attempt the end of your study, and to reach your diploma?
  • Are you already active in the social sector, or in the social service sector, and do you want to broaden your knowledge and skills?
  • Or do you have an higher diploma, but aren’t satisfied about your actual work and wanting to start a new professional career
  • Do you like studying and do want you to combine study and work?

Then our CVO centre for Adult Education is something for you.

In the Centre for adult education Sociale School Heverlee (CVO-SSH) you will be able to achieve a graduate diploma in social and cultural work, social work, social work and human resources and orthopedagogy (social care work).
Our CVO centre guarantees a high-quality training with a lot of job opportunities, and enables you to make the step to a bachelor diploma in the field of social work

As a social and cultural worker you work in and with groups, service provider, cultural or educational worker in a lot of socio cultural organisations (museums, prison, …), children's animator, community worker, working in cultural centres, practioner in social artistic projects …

As a social worker you can work in juvenile care, or you are district worker, school worker, social worker in judicial systems, prisons, health care centres, general social care, housing….

As a human relations worker you are involved in human resource development, both in the non-profit sector, the social profit as a in public services.

As a social and social care worker you can find a job in orthopedagogic centres, medical educational institutes, provisions for special juvenile care, youth and adult psychiatry, geriatric institutions, child clinics, community institutions and school community work,

Vision in practice:

Our CVO Sociale School Heverlee, Belgium, organises a vocational education training. We form professionals who have a vision on humans and communities.
We believe that education and training promote personal development and leads to better job opportunities, advantages and enhanced quality of life.
Once you have reached your graduate diploma, you can follow a short supplementary learning route at the Leuven University College.
As a trainee you obtain the necessary professionalism so that you can work as a professional worker. Our teachers themselves are fieldworkers, and have a strong expertise in their work.
We approach you as a full partner. Our education is coloured trough interactivity en experience-oriented learning processes in small class groups.
The trainers stimulate the adult learners to handle with theoretical en methodical frames in order to develop the necessary skills, tools and attitudes.
The learning groups shows a diversity in age, life experience, cultural background and practice situations. This is what our school makes extra interesting and enriching.

Studying in combination with work, free-time and family

The modular organization of our programme, allows you to study at your own rhythm. So you can combine your studies with work, family and other commitments.
Once you have reached your graduate diploma, you can take the opportunity to follow a short supplementary learning route at the Leuven University College.

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